Sponsored Projects Administration works in concert with the Office of Research and Finance and Administration to provide extensive training in sponsored projects and research administration for both faculty and staff.

Training Calendar

Proposal Enhancement: Find Funding: Pivot Training
Sep 8 all-day

Need help finding funding? Pivot is a grant-finding database funded by the Office of Research that can alert you to potential funding sources and help you find collaborators. UGA Libraries and OPE are offering a training session in September to show you the ropes and quickly get you set up with tailored funding searches and email alerts. Contact Dr. Rebecca Terns at for information on the date, time, and location. For general assistance with Pivot, contact Ian Thomas at

Time and location TBD.

GRASP #3: Grants Portal for Admins @ Training & Development
Sep 12 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Provides an overview of the Grants Portal, including a hands-on demonstration of the proposal development and submission process.

Register for classes  through Training & Development (T&D).

If you have questions about GRASP, contact Melissa Mottley,  706-542-5967.

Proposal Enhancement: Coffee with the Pros: Developing and Sustaining Interdisciplinary Collaborations @ Coverdell 175S
Sep 22 @ 8:30 am – 10:00 am

What does it take to develop a successful interdisciplinary research project — and get it funded? A panel of experts from across campus will discuss how they laid the groundwork for successful interdisciplinary research collaborations. Refreshments will be served and questions are encouraged. This panel discussion will take place from 8:30AM-10AM in Coverdell 175S. Please RSVP to Stephanie Tucker at

See sponsored projects training opportunity descriptions below and in calendar listings.

Contact your SPA representative with suggestions for other training.

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Office of Research Orientation

University of Georgia faculty are invited to learn about the resources offered by the Office of Research and the University of Georgia research enterprise. Although developed to welcome new faculty to UGA, all faculty are welcome to attend these events. You will learn about: starting a research program at UGA; sponsored projects, pre- and post-award; internal grants and awards; compliance, including biosafety, research safety, environmental safety, human subjects, and animals; core facilities; support services; research resources; technology commercialization and startups; and more. The orientation, which lasts approximately 30 minutes, can be attended in person or remotely, and is followed by a meet and greet with Office of Research staff.

Coffee with the Pros

The Office for Proposal Enhancement organizes a quarterly panel discussion called Coffee with the Pros, which features invited speakers from federal and private funding agencies, former agency program officers, and UGA faculty who have valuable knowledge to share. Attendees can hear from the experts, ask questions, and share experiences. Check out highlights from our Coffee with the Pros expert panels: USDA-NIFA and NIH R01s.

Office of Research Summer Workshop Series

The Office for Proposal Enhancement – in collaboration with Sponsored Projects Administration, Innovation Gateway, Research Compliance, and the UGA Libraries – offers a seven-session Summer Workshop Series covering five topics to help UGA faculty prepare strong research funding applications.

The General Resources for the Administration of Sponsored Projects (GRASP) program is a series of classes designed to provide participants with the resources for the administration of sponsored projects at UGA. The classes provide an overview of campus offices, processes, and systems, as well as reference materials, helpful websites, and case studies.

The program’s goals are to improve knowledge of regulations, policies, and procedures; to strengthen internal controls, and to provide staff members with access to key resources and contacts when they need help. The program is designed for employees with duties and responsibilities related to contract and grant administration. The classes should be completed in the order listed below, as each class builds on the information presented in previous classes.

Register for classes  through Training & Development. If you have questions about GRASP, contact Melissa Mottley706-542-5967.

GRASP Class 1:  Overview & Structure of Offices and Definitions Discuss the key offices involved in preparing proposals and managing sponsored activities. Summarize project classification and prerequisites for assurances. Define basic terms associated with the project lifecycle of proposal development, award management, and closeout.

GRASP Class 2:  Proposal Process & Budget Development – Provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders involved in the proposal development and submission process. Discuss the compliance requirements for developing budgets and budget justifications, as well as examples of common issues associated with budget development.

GRASP Class 3: Grants Portal for Admins – Provides an overview of the Grants Portal, including a hands-on demonstration of the proposal development and submission process.

GRASP Class 4: Negotiation, Acceptance, and Award Management – This session examines the agreement review process and challenges commonly involved in negotiating and accepting awards and presents an overview of the account number set-up and access in IMS. We will discuss the fiscal compliance requirements involved in managing externally funded projects, and learn to differentiate between allowable and unallowable costs. The session also provides an overview of the invoicing and payments processes, financial reporting, and subrecipient requirements.

GRASP Class 5: Prior Approval, Audits, & Reporting – This session examines the actions that require prior approval of the sponsor, types of audits that can be conducted, and types of reports that are often required for sponsored projects.

GRASP Class 6: Special Topics – This session focuses on more in-depth coverage of key issues related to sponsored projects that were briefly discussed in other sessions. These topics include F&A return, carry-over, salary cap, uncollectible accounts, and much more.

Portal Open House

The Portal Open House is a quarterly meeting held in Tucker Hall, room 124. It provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to hear and see planned and current updates to the Grants Portal, as well as provide feedback and ask questions. Check the calendar for the next meeting in July, October, January or April.

Grants Coordinators Group

The Grants Coordinators Group is a group of research administrators at UGA that provides professional development opportunities and networking connections for research administrators on campus. The group has informal meetings and a listserv. If you are interested in joining the group, contact Cathy Cuppett to be added to the listserv.

Additional Resources

Sponsored Projects Administration has designed and purchased additional resources available to assist in hiring and onboarding new employees in research administration. If you are interested in availing yourself of interview questions, resume review, pre-employment assessments or onboarding materials, contact Sponsored Projects.

A Sponsored Projects Glossary provides definition to over 200 terms and links to research administration information located throughout UGA websites.