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Your SPA representative can help you identify funding opportunities that align with your interests and expertise. Find your SPA representative.

UGA has many resources to assist investigators in finding internal and external funding for their projects.

Pivot Funding Opportunity Database

Pivot is a subscription database of more than 25,000 funding opportunities from numerous sponsors across all disciplines. UGA faculty, students, and staff can search the database and create custom email funding alerts based on the criteria provided by the individual user. The first time you login to Pivot must be on a UGA computer to gain free access. Subsequently, you can log in from anywhere.

The Office for Proposal Enhancement offers Pivot training in collaboration with UGA Libraries. The session introduces investigators to this funding opportunity database and helps each person craft a custom search that will automatically email them about new and upcoming opportunities that fit their research areas. Upcoming training sessions will be posted on Proposal Enhancement’s calendar.

UGA Research Insights

Research Insights is a compilation of research news and announcements, including funding opportunities, policy changes and other updates, intended to support UGA investigators and help them grow their research programs. Subscribe.

Internal Grants

Competitive internal grants support initial work by early career faculty, projects in new areas of endeavor, and travel to foreign conferences and symposia.

Business Engagement & Innovation

The Office of Business Engagement & Innovation helps connect UGA investigators to industry partners in an effort to increase industry-funded research on campus. Contact Kyle Tschepikow at

When considering an RFP, closely evaluate the scientific focus, budgetary limits, and the due date. In addition, be sure to check the following areas to make sure it is the right funding opportunity for you and your specific project.

Are you eligible to submit a proposal?

The UGA Policy on Eligibility to Submit Proposals delineates who may serve as a Principal Investigator.

Are there limitations on the types and numbers of researchers, institutions, and applications?

Some RFPs contain restrictions on who may apply. For example, some opportunities are only open to graduate students or faculty in their first 10 years of tenure. Some sponsors limit how many times an individual investigator may apply to a single RFP during any funding cycle.

Further, some award opportunities limit the number of proposals, applications, or letters of intent that any one university may submit. We refer to these opportunities as Limited Submission Opportunities. The Limited Submissions Office pre-reviews internal applications of this type to determine which will be submitted on behalf of UGA. Contact if you are interested in this kind of opportunity.

Is registration required?

Some funding opportunities require that the PI, the institution, or both be registered in certain systems prior to submitting an application. Your SPA representative can help identify and obtain any necessary registrations.