Temporary Cost Share Cost Transfer Policy

Cost Share Cost Transfers for Cost Share setup in PeopleSoft through 07/01/2019


The purpose of this temporary policy is to reduce the administrative burden of setting up cost share in PeopleSoft. The standard cost transfer documentation will be waived for cost share charges that were incurred for a sponsored project while awaiting finalization of the cost share setup guidelines but were not posted to a sponsored project cost share chartstring.


In normal circumstances, a cost transfer involving a project ID will be reviewed for compliance and the cost transfer form is required to be included even for cost share charges. Since implementation of PeopleSoft, many of our business processes have taken time to fully develop or have undergone changes to better facilitate our financial management of sponsored projects. Cost share management in PeopleSoft has been a particular challenge for many users to understand. A workgroup including SPA members, department administrators and the OneSource Training Team has now finalized guidelines that include a setup procedure and training. One issue brought to our attention during this process was the fact that many users have been accounting for cost share using state funded chartstrings that have not yet been assigned to a sponsored project. Once budgets are set up, these charges will need to be moved to the correct project cost share chartstring. Although this involves a cost transfer, it is not a typical transfer involving error or other normal circumstances requiring correction. This will also be a transfer from one state chartstring to another state chartstring. In order to reduce the burden of transferring these cost share transactions we have approved the temporary substitution of the following statement on cost share cost transfers that fall under these circumstances between now and 07/01/2019.

Cost Share Cost Transfer Form (temporary through 7/1/19)