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Your SPA representative can help you set up your project, from award negotiation to account setup. Find your SPA representative.Set Up Project

Sponsors may request additional information before issuing an award.

Prior to issuing an award, some sponsors will request “Just-In-Time” information (JIT). JIT information typically includes current and pending support information and research compliance, integrity and safety approvals, but can include detailed or revised budgets or requests for other information. Typically, the sponsor requests that this information be signed by or emailed from an Authorized Institutional Official, indicating institutional endorsement. If you have any questions concerning JIT information for a specific sponsor, please contact your SPA representative.

If you need access to your funds in order to start your project before your official award document is here, you may be eligible to enter into either a pre-award or a pending award situation.

In both instances, UGA will front you 25 percent of the funds to get you started while we wait for the award document to be finalized. Pre- and pending awards are entered into at the risk of the department and require dean and department head approval via the Administrative Action Request Form. If the award is not made for any reason, the department must cover the costs incurred on the project. For more information, contact your SPA representative.

If your project involves the use of human subjects, animals, hazardous materials, foreign locations, foreign nationals, conflicts of interest, or required training, you will need to work with the Office of Research Integrity and Safety.

As subject matter experts, Office of Research Integrity and Safety (ORIS) professional staff interpret the regulations, guidelines and policies to develop internal recommendations and programs specific to UGA’s research and culture. The goal of the Office of Research Compliance is to reduce administrative burden while fortifying the institutional culture of compliance. It seeks to cultivate partnerships with academic colleagues to promote responsibility and integrity in the conduct of research.

UGA’s extensive Research Integrity & Safety Support Services program addresses training for animal care and use, biosafety, human subjects, research safety, environmental safety, export control, responsible conduct of research and conflict of interest. It includes both in-person and online courses, mandatory as well as optional offerings. Resources are available for faculty, administrators, staff and students.

You’ve just received your official written notice of your award. Now what?

Award document

When you receive an award document, share it with your SPA representative as soon as possible. They will review it and administratively set up the award in the Grants Portal. If the award document needs to be negotiated, Sponsored Projects Administration will handle that. If we need any information – revised budgets, subcontract documents, compliance approvals, or certifications – we will contact you through the Grants Portal. Account numbers are assigned by Sponsored Projects Administration once all award and compliance documents are obtained.

Internal accounts

A secondary internal UGA account can be assigned to one or more co-PIs of a given project. Internal accounts allow for management and tracking of budgets and expenditures for each of the project’s internal sub-parts. If you would like an internal account set up for the co-PI on your project, contact your SPA representative with a budget and we can get one started for you.