What We Do

About Us

Sponsored projects are externally funded activities supporting the research, public service, instruction, or cooperative extension mission at the University of Georgia. Sponsored projects can utilize a wide variety of awarding vehicles (e.g., grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, MOU’s) resulting in agreements between the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc., and a sponsor. At UGA, the Sponsored Projects Administration  comprises Pre-Award and Post-Award Accounting staff in one unified department. SPA works closely with administrative support in departments including DLSA’s, grants coordinators, accountants, and business managers to address the administrative burden placed on faculty engaging in sponsored project activities.

The Sponsored Projects Administration team:

  • Reviews and submits proposals
  • Receives and negotiates award documents
  • Accepts award funding
  • Establishes accounts
  • Sends invoices and collects project revenues
  • Provides financial reports
  • Provides project spending guidance and oversight
  • Negotiates material changes to agreements after award
  • Assists with project and financial closeout
  • Ensures audit compliance

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the nation’s premier sponsored projects administration team. We are committed to innovative thinking, timely communication, and exceptional service to provide faculty and staff with the highest levels of support as they compete for and manage extramural funding.

Our Values

  • We believe in cooperative teamwork, exceptional service, and ethical business practices.
  • We believe that good communication is key to effective relationships, and effective relationships are key to success.
  • We pride ourselves on attention to detail and forethought.
  • We believe in providing excellent customer service to both internal and external customers.
  • We value knowledge, expertise, accuracy, flexibility, mindfulness, and problem solving.
  • When something works, we commit to sharing it across the institution.
  • We aim to epitomize professionalism in every interaction, whether internal or external.
  • We believe there is no gray area in honesty, integrity, or accountability.
  • We provide options for what is possible rather than focusing on what is not allowed.
  • We strive for success, the first time.
  • We give our best in even the most menial of tasks, knowing that if we do the small things well, the big things will follow.