Eligibility to Submit Proposals

I. Any employee who holds one of the following ranks and who has signed the University of Georgia Intellectual Property Agreement may serve as a Principal Investigator on a sponsored project and submit proposals for external funding.

A. Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty

  1. Assistant Professor
  2.  Associate Professor
  3. Professor
  4. Professor Emeritus


B. Non-Tenure-Track or Temporary Faculty

  1. Assistant Research Scientist
  2. Associate Research Scientist
  3. Senior Research Scientist
  4. Public Service Representative
  5. Public Service Assistant
  6. Public Service Associate
  7. Senior Public Service Associate
  8. Academic Professionals
  9. Clinical Assistant Professor
  10. Clinical Associate Professor
  11. Clinical Professor
  12. Temporary Assistant Professor (with Dean’s Approval)
  13. Adjunct Faculty with Primary Federal Appointments
  14. Instructor/Lecturer
  15. Librarian Faculty


C. Senior Research Associate

D. Postdoctoral Research Scholars (only with Certification of Support for Postdoctoral Associates signed by Department Head/Director)

  1. Postdoctoral Research Associates
  2. Postdoctoral Research Fellows


II. Individuals in the two categories below are not eligible to submit a proposal for external funding unless they have obtained written approval from the Vice President for Research. Requests for approval for adjunct or visiting faculty to submit a proposal are granted for a single submission only (or subsequent resubmission) and should be in letter form. Exceptions to this single project approval condition may be made in certain instances (for example, for individuals who annually submit multiple proposals).

Letters seeking approval must be submitted by the relevant department head or school director. A letter should specifically address why an exception should be made and the individual’s qualifications for being PI/Co-PI. The letter should also include a statement that the department head or school director (or some other specifically identified faculty member) will assume responsibility for and ensure compliance with all requirements in place for conduct of the study, should the PI/Co-PI fail to do so. Lastly, the PI/Co-PI will be required to sign the University of Georgia Intellectual Property Agreement, if he/she has not already done so (signature not required if the individual has a primary federal appointment).
A. Adjunct Faculty
B. Visiting Faculty

III. Proposals cannot be submitted by graduate or undergraduate students, except for proposals submitted to programs specifically designated for them. Students should apply for support through and under the auspices of an eligible faculty member.