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Sponsored Projects Administration can help…
Project ending soon? We can help you wrap up your final reports and close out your accounts.

Most sponsored projects require a final technical report summarizing the work done on the project and any scientifically or technically relevant results, findings, analysis, and/or assessments .

While technical reports are the responsibility of PIs, Sponsored Projects Pre-Award requests a copy of the report be kept on file in our central office. Copies of final reports can be sent to Stephanie Tucker in SPA at the same time the report is sent to the sponsor.

Some sponsored projects require a Final Invention Statement to disclose any patents or inventions discovered or developed during the life of the project.

A final invention statement sometimes also is required even when no inventions have occurred. Your SPA representative works with Innovation Gateway, UGA’s technology transfer arm, in order to complete and submit the Final Invention Statement. PIs are required to disclose any partial or completed inventions, discoveries, or other intellectual property to Innovation Gateway as soon as possible. You can reach them at 706-542-1404 or

At the conclusion of each sponsored project, UGA must meet required financial reporting and other closeout terms, which are specific to each project and may vary by project type and sponsor. The Financial Reporting and Closeout Policy sets out the procedures that the PI and SPA must follow in providing a final financial report to the sponsor and completing other closeout requirements.

Some sponsored projects are paid on a cost reimbursable basis as expenses are incurred, and in those cases any balance of funds remaining at the project’s conclusion must be returned to the sponsor. However, other sponsored projects may be paid as fixed-price agreements such that UGA retains any excess funds – the residual balance – remaining at the end of the project. The Fixed Price Contracts – Residual Balance Policy sets out the procedures for transferring a residual balance from the sponsored project account to a residual balance account where those funds are no longer required to be spent on sponsored project costs.

Occasionally, a sponsor fails to pay the agreed amount for the work of a project. The Uncollectible Restricted Accounts Policy explains SPA’s process for sending a sponsor progressive overdue notices and attempting to collect payment before determining a sponsored project account to be uncollectible.

UGA uses the Grants Portal, an online system, to document if any final technical reports are due on a given project.

Information about technical report requirements can be found in the Grants Portal on the award workspace under the Deliverables tab. An overview of the Grants Portal and its functionality can be found here (link to slide show about portal). Training on the Portal is also available each semester at Training & Development, as well as upon request for departments or small groups. Please contact your SPA representative to set something up or if you have any questions.

SPA provides extensive training for faculty and staff in all areas of research administration. A full listing of training opportunities can be found on our Training page. Below we have highlighted training pertaining to closing out an account.

Post-award Finance and Accounting Training

Finance and Administration offers a series of accounting and finance classes each semester. The classes cover everything from processing personnel, to budget amendments, journal vouchers, UGA Mart, and procurement, all of which might be used to prepare an account for closeout. Check the Training & Development website for a current list of classes.

Research Administration Training

Training is routinely offered through Training & Development. Classes available under the General Resources for the Administration of Sponsored Projects (GRASP) series deal specifically with research administration from proposal development and review all the way through account closeout. The GRASP classes specifically include a session on account closeout and reporting.